Woman drinking tea

Solutions for Slowing Sensitivity in Teeth

As our teeth are exposed to more & more foods that wear away enamel, our teeth can become sensitive to things like hot & cold food & drink.

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What Dental Implants Are Made Of

Dental implants are an effective way to replace missing teeth, & they look & feel completely natural. However, that wasn’t always the case. The materials we use for dental implants today only came into use in the mid-1900s. Before that, different materials were used, to varying levels of functionality & success.

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It’s Possible to Eat Sugar & Have Healthy Teeth

It’s fairly common knowledge that sugary foods cause cavities. While that’s an overly simplistic explanation, one of our top pieces of advice to improve oral health is to limit sugar in your diet.

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Little boy smiling and showing off a lost tooth.

Reasons to Keep Baby Teeth

When children lose their baby teeth, it’s momentous for both child & parent. Most families have a ritual for those lost teeth, the most well-known being the Tooth Fairy. But what happens to the tooth next?

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